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As a life-long birder I am always pleased to be able to follow a career in bird research and conservation. Having previously worked at the internationally important Mai Po Nature Reserve, I am particularly interested in ecology and conservation of wetland birds and in the migratory links between Hong Kong and other countries in Asia. 


As well as birds, I have a great interest in bats, and I am looking to develop projects into the ecology of bats in Hong Kong, especially the potential impacts of urbanisation on local species.

I think that effective biodiversity conservation relies on the support of the public, which starts with an understanding of the diversity around them. As such, I am keen to increase public involvement with biodiversity conservation and research, particularly through the promotion of citizen science projects. I am also actively involved with the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society.

Alice completed her BSc with a double major in Ecology & Biodiversity and Environmental Science at the University of Hong Kong (2017). Her undergraduate projects investigated the effect of anthropogenic noise on songs of urban birds. She continues her work on the urban noise project to conduct birdsong playback and sound transmission experiments. She also studies urban birds with a focus on the repertoire and singing behaviour of Oriental Magpie-robin.

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