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Research Group - Current Members

Caroline Dingle

Dr Caroline Dingle Senior Lecturer Urban Ecology, Wildlife Trade, Migration Ecology

Dr Astrid Andersson

Dr Astrid Andersson Postdoc (Juha Merila lab) Cockatoo Genomics Project

Chloe Hatten

Chloe Hatten PhD Student Helmeted Hornbill Project

John Allcock

John Allcock PhD Candidate (co-supervised by Caroline and Tim Bonebrake) Urban bats and pangolins

Tracey Prigge

Tracey Prigge Senior Research Assistant Conservation Forensics Pangolin Project

Hannah Tilley (Co-supervised)

Hannah Tilley PhD candidate (Co-supervised by Dr Hannah Mumby and Caroline) Elephant Sensory Ecology


Even Leung PhD Candidate (PI: Tim Bonebrake, co-supervised by Caroline) Conservation Forensics - Rosewood

Bonnie Lee

Bonnie Lee Research Assistant Stable Isotope Project (Borneo, Cormorants, Migration)

Pia Ricca, Research Assistant

Pia Ricca Research Assistant Borneo Stable Isotope Project; White-shouldered Starling Project; HKU WISE

Ivory Fong

Ivory Fong Undergraduate Research White-shouldered Starling project


Tsang Tin Yu Myles Undergraduate Research Urban noise impacts on flight initiation distance

Research Group - Alumni (gone but not forgotten!)

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